Coming Full Circle: Achieving Your Weight Loss and Health Goals with the Styku Body Scanner

If you’re serious about understanding your body’s unique biometrics so you can get a better grasp on dieting and exercise needs specific to you, it’s time to go for a spin. No crash diets necessary.

Styku body scanner

Losing weight, building lean muscle mass, eating healthier, becoming more active, etc., is more than calories in = calories out and endless spin sessions at the gym. Everybody is different and requires a host of essentials unique to its very own needs. As with virtually every health-related issue, and resolution for that matter, there is no one-size-fits-all blueprint to success. Therefore, stepping on the innovative Styku Body Scanner can make all the difference when battling the bulge and realizing your health and wellness goals for the long term.  

What is the Styku Body Scanner and How Does it Work?
The Styku Body Scanner is the next-generation, non-invasive, total body scanner that automates the body’s composition, including hundreds of biometrics in real time. It’s faster, simpler, smaller, and more accurate than its radiation-controlled predecessors. The Styku Body Scanner is the quickest body scanner to date and works in as little as 60 seconds, giving you and your doctor the results you need to transform your body and your overall well-being. Here’s how it’s done:

  • The patient steps on a portable, compact scale that slowly spins them around a total 360 degrees for about 40 seconds, scanning the entire body and collecting data, which is instantly entered into the accompanying software program. The data is ready for assessment in about one minute.  
  • Its groundbreaking, 3-D approach is a game-changer to traditional methods of body composition analysis due to its unparalleled accuracy. Accuracy translates to progress, so patients and doctors can fine-tune treatments that bust through plateaus and continue to crush goals.  

Cutting Through the Fat:  No More Guessing Games
It’s time to take your fitness and wellness journey to the next level. With the Styku Body Scanner, you get accurate body fat reading and other body biomarker analysis using revolutionary 3-D body imaging technology that accurately measures your body’s unique data and composition, so that you and your doctor can assess where you’re gaining muscle and where you’re losing fat. The analysis is very specific, leaving virtually no room for error. This real-time information saves time and energy, allowing your doctor to devise a custom-tailored diet and exercise plan to your goals, which can help you push through frustrating, painstaking plateaus. In addition to managing real-time data, patients can get information on their biometrics of each and every body part! This is extremely effective for those who wish to target, aka “spot treat,” specific body parts. No other body scanning device on the market can zone in on trouble zones with such precision.  

Benefits of the Styku Body Scanner
The body-bettering benefits of getting professionally scanned and assessed with the Styku Body Scanner are plentiful. Whether you’re a professional athlete or stay-at-home mom who wishes to regain her pre-baby body, the Styku Body Scanner can make your fitness fantasies a reality with accurate, real-time analysis of every angle of your body - biometrics, composition, aesthetics, risk assessments, and more. See your body transform right before your eyes with the tools you need to custom-tailor your own unique fitness journey, including:

  • Completely automating your body’s biometrics in 60 seconds
  • Wearing underwear while being spun on the scanner
  • Interactive, 3D visuals at every angle, including revelatory before/after’s
  • Built-in training allowing for goal setting, as well as inputting target goal dates, including customization of workout frequency and calorie deficits
  • Tailoring basal metabolic rate and calorie expenditure
  • Regulating the patient’s assessment process, saving staff time 
  • Automating reports that can be auto-sent straight to patients
  • Detailing how each biometric is changing with time 
  • Perfect for athletes or anyone seeking to upgrade/change their health game
  • Leveraging hundreds of body measurements and biometrics to accurately calculate body fat percentage, as well as changes/transformations in aesthetics
  • Getting fat analysis risk assessment, setting goals, tracking progress, and more with user-friendly dashboard software settings tailored for each patient 

Conclusion – Next Steps
If you want tangible results and an Instagram body transformation you have to see to believe, we invite you to contact our Newport Beach office to set up a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Setareh and take the Styku Body Scanner for a spin. Stop wasting time blindly going through the pre-conceived notions of dieting and exercise, such as counting calories and sweating through grueling workouts, and still not seeing the results you deserve. There’s a better way to better health and it starts with the Styku.