Cultivating Empowered, Informed & Educated Patients Starts with the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Our number one priority begins with developing nurturing, long-standing, and trustworthy relationships with our patients the moment they walk through the door.

Post Patient Empowerment

At truMD, our wonderful patients come for the groundbreaking treatments and stay for the second-to-none service, dedicated time, unparalleled results, and long-term relationships. We believe the key to any treatment success lies in the very crucial relationship between doctor and patient. Find out why our unique formula for patient success and satisfaction continues to break barriers in integrative, holistic wellness.

The truMD Difference 
Unlike a lot of wellness centers and integrative medical groups, truMD believes spending a considerable amount of time with a new patient - or returning one - paves the path to not only their success and helps them reach their personal wellness goals, but empowers, informs, and educates them with the knowledge and tools to develop a life rich in health, harmony, and wellness that go well past the treatment process. Don’t expect your experience at truMD to be a touch-and-go, in-and-out sort of one–though it can be if you’re in a hurry! However, at any normal visit, be prepared to spill it! When a client books a one-one-one appointment with Dr. Setarah, one can expect to spend 30-60 minutes at the medical office discussing their medical and health history, concerns, and aspirations. Building a trusting rapport with a patient is a critical part of laying the foundation to help them begin their health and wellness journey. Most patients seek the expertise of Dr. Setareh to enhance their weight loss efforts, improve their sex life, strengthen their body, and sharpen their mind. It’s that simple. They want to look and feel better from the inside out! The journey to a life of optimal health and wellness is a very personal one and begins with fostering a trusting bond with their doctor. After all, discussing sexual dysfunction isn’t something most people feel comfortable discussing with even their spouses! Dr. Setareh and his team understand building trust and confidence with your doctor is one of the first steps you can take to begin feeling better. Dr. Setareh and his highly-knowledgeable team continually seek to empower, educate, and inspire their patients with innovative tools and information on the latest advancements in nutrition, diet, fitness, and lifestyle that patients can apply to all aspects of their lives – from professional to recreational to relationships to home and to even to family. Adopting and adhering to positive and impactful lifestyle changes is an all-encompassing approach and should include all aspects of a patient’s life.  

Communication is Key to Success: Becoming Pro-active in Your Treatment 
It’s not about administering and accepting a treatment plan but understanding why a certain treatment plan is being prescribed/recommended. Knowledge is power and truMD strongly believes in empowering patients through education and information, as well as helping them to understand why a certain treatment is being recommended and how the patient can make the best of their treatment(s) to yield the most desired outcomes. Hence, the importance of communication between doctor and patient.  

The Doctor-Patient Relationship
The magnitude of the patient-doctor experience not only boosts trust, but the likelihood of positive outcomes, loyalty, doctor reputation, the ability to solve problems, as well as improve upon best practices and create new treatment trajectories. Communication and 100% trust from both patient and doctor are vital for the ensuing relationship to grow. Depending on the treatment, some patients may be long-term patients and even refer their friends and family – a surefire sign of respect and trust we work hard to encourage.   

Setting a New Standard of Wellness
Dr. Setarah and his renowned team at truMD are proud to provide a boutique-type of medical service with impeccable bedside manners, while offering cutting-edge treatments in alternative medicine for optimal health, wellness, and lifestyle that easily challenge any conventional methods. A Southern California native, Dr. Setarah’s state-of-the-art truMD facility is located near the idyllic Newport Beach, California coast and continues to lead the charge in innovative, life-changing, holistic wellness therapies, strategically blending the most effective integrative and allopathic treatments to help realize the most desired, long-term results quickly and safely. Dr. Setareh specializes in bioidentical hormone optimization, weight loss, sexual health, fitness, supplements, diet, and nutrition. His proprietary 360-degree medical assessment of each patient produces a unique “blueprint” of the patient’s individual health status and concerns, giving Dr. Setareh all the information needed to determine the best course of action tailored specifically for that patient. No two treatments plans are ever alike because no two patients are alike.  

We invite you to call our office today to set-up a comprehensive, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Setareh and see why truMD are leaders in integrative medicine, as well as purveyors of unsurpassed doctor-patient relations.