Stop Going to Medspas for Your Hormone Replacement Therapy!

Want to forget your wrinkles?  Stick to your local medspa. Need to harmonize your hormones? Leave the balancing act to truMD.  Here’s why.

No medspa for hormone replacement therapy

Look, we get it.  Medspas are great!  For many women – and a growing number of men – they’re a convenient, versatile, one-stop shop for all things beauty, body, and beyond. From Botox to fillers to facials to laser hair removal to body contouring to lash extensions, medspas are big business when it comes to innovative aesthetics and getting that pro-grade beauty upkeep. However, there are some things better left to the medical specialists, like hormone replacement therapy. This is one critical area of your health and wellness that needs someone with years of experience and understanding so your hormones get balanced correctly. Unfortunately, not everything can be successfully performed under one roof.  

Over the last decade, medspas have grown in popularity due to the overwhelmingly high demand in minimally invasive/noninvasive cosmetic procedures, aesthetics, advanced skincare, permanent makeup, salon services, and body solutions that promise to get clients red-carpet ready in a flash. However, many medspas have stepped beyond their beauty boundaries and began offering services in health and wellness, particularly hormone replacement therapy.  

Why You Should Not Seek the Services of a Medspa for Your Hormone Therapy
Before you book that hormone therapy appointment at the same medspa that injects your Botox, think again. Here is why should NOT be leaving the health of your fluctuating hormones in the hands of nurse injectors and estheticians who run medspas, irrespective of the establishment’s success and reputation:

  • Traditionally, medspas specialize in beauty and aesthetics, not health and wellness. This in and of itself should give you pause.
  • Medspas are not well-versed in the nuances and intricacies of cutting-edge hormone replacement therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Hormone replacement therapy requires advanced medical evaluation of each patient, extensive follow-through, and a series of subsequent evaluations to determine modified dosages, etc.
  • Due to this lack of specialized expertise, medspas can inadvertently provide misguided and inaccurate dosages, causing extensive damage to the susceptible endocrine system and a patient’s overall wellbeing.  
  • Medspas usually service too many clients to focus on each individual extensively. This is unfair to the patient who truly deserves undivided attention and unwavering dedication to their treatment by their doctor (emphasis on “doctor,” not esthetician).

Why You Should Seek truMD for Your Hormone Therapy Treatments
As mentioned, most medspas simply don’t follow the dedicated, one-on-one approach to each of their clients. truMD, and its founder/medical director, Dr. Setareh, on the other hand, customarily conducts a full, proprietary analysis of each patient before a treatment plan is assessed. The findings of said analysis are sent to a lab that determines the most accurate hormone cocktail and dosage to treat the patient. This fastidious process takes time and commitment on behalf of Dr. Setareh, who is the ONLY doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy at truMD and who treats each patient individually. Each patient’s treatment trajectory is routinely monitored and re-evaluated for safety and efficacy. There is a reason why Dr. Setareh’s patients are lifelong patients, such as:

  • EVERY patient undergoes a comprehensive, 360-degree evaluation prior to treatment. 
  • EVERY patient can expect a step-by-step follow-through from start to finish with consistent, regimented monitoring of results and patient treatment progression.
  • Consistent reports of each patient are always available and updated.
  • Dr. Setareh is the ONLY doctor who is engaged with each patient’s hormonal journey, eliminating risk of errors.
  • Dr. Setareh monitors, evaluates, and treats each patient exclusively – no other doctor or practitioner will be handling a patient’s case or administering hormone dosages.
  • truMD specializes in comprehensive, innovative hormone replacement therapy – it’s simply what they do!

While aesthetics, supplements, nutrition, weight loss, and dietary support are also offered at truMD, Dr. Setareh is NOT a medspa, but a medical practice. Dr. Setareh is the only doctor who handles the hormone side of the practice, so each patient can rest-assured their health and wellness journey are receiving unique attention. Dr. Setareh prides his health and wellness practice on the fact that he has successfully developed long term, and even lifelong, relationships with his patients. Are you next?